ABS WEST takes on a cowboy theme

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ABS WEST® goes wild, wild, West!

ABS WEST takes on a rugged cowboy theme! This was the initial, direct-mail marketing piece created 4 months prior to the event.


This Invitation is 1 color on creme paper. Displays the cowboy theme that will continue to develop as seen in the above pieces.

The main marketing brochure (8.375 x 10.875; 4/4) adopts a “show down” message as several stock (royalty-free and licensed) images are collaged together to create the distinctive digital illustration. Gille font (by FontMesa) completes the cowboy theme.

Black leather luggage tags using Gille font retains the theme. Distributed on-site to attendees.

The design on the natural canvas tote with black trim and a 1 color imprint also keep the theme alive. Distributed on-site to attendees.





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