Structured Finance 2008 – Marketing Brochure for Conference Events

Branding + Identity Graphic Design, Conference, Trade Show + Expo Design, Finance & Business

Marketing brochure advertising the 2008 Structured Finance conference events.

The design request was to create something “lighter” than the earth-toned palette used the previous year. The solution was a monochromatic tone of a soft blue-gray color utilized throughout. A simple digital illustration of a map and an abstract textured background was used for the cover as well as in select sections of the brochure.

Structured Finance 2005 // Event Brochure

Branding + Identity Graphic Design, Finance & Business, Graphic Design & Innovation

The goal of this Structured Finance event marketing brochure was to connect sponsors with all of IMN’s upcoming 2005 conference events. While this was a copy-intensive piece the design successfully presented the 2005 conference year with clean lines, sophistication and a lot of rich, teal-blue tones.

Divisional Brochure: A Global Theme for Investment Management Conferences

Branding + Identity Graphic Design, Conference, Trade Show + Expo Design, Finance & Business, Graphic Design & Innovation

The Investment Management conference division at IMN needed printed collateral to showcase their various conference events. This brochure is primarily a sales piece to engage the potential sponsoring client. It featured a calendar of all events as well as in-depth descriptions of all conferences and summits, organized by location and by type of investing.

ABS WEST takes on a cowboy theme

Branding + Identity Graphic Design, Conference, Trade Show + Expo Design, Finance & Business, Graphic Design & Innovation
ABS WEST® goes wild, wild, West!

ABS WEST takes on a rugged cowboy theme! This was the initial, direct-mail marketing piece created 4 months prior to the event.


This Invitation is 1 color on creme paper. Displays the cowboy theme that will continue to develop as seen in the above pieces.

The main marketing brochure (8.375 x 10.875; 4/4) adopts a “show down” message as several stock (royalty-free and licensed) images are collaged together to create the distinctive digital illustration. Gille font (by FontMesa) completes the cowboy theme.

Black leather luggage tags using Gille font retains the theme. Distributed on-site to attendees.

The design on the natural canvas tote with black trim and a 1 color imprint also keep the theme alive. Distributed on-site to attendees.




Shinkage Ryu: Kenjutsu // Post Card Design + Pop Up Banner Design

Branding + Identity Graphic Design, Graphic Design & Innovation
Shinkage Ryu, U.S. Marobashikai

Making the initial marketing pieces for the Shinkage Ryu, U.S. Marobashikai, was delightful. I designed a 4×6, 4/1 postcard that is mailed and distributed at kenjutsu events along with a 6 foot, vertical banner that is displayed in the school window and also displayed at cultural events. The business card is a work in progress and will most likely be a 4/4 piece.

To learn more about Shinkage Ryu click here: Shinkage Ryu


Picture Show 2002 | The Graphic Artists Guild of NY

Branding + Identity Graphic Design, Conference, Trade Show + Expo Design, Graphic Design & Innovation
Picture Show 2002

The Picture Show, which was formerly known as the “Illustration Marketplace” needed marketing materials to promote their illustration event. I gladly donated my services pro-bono to come up with the invitation (17×5, tri-fold, self-mailing), the postcard (6×9), and the show booklet (5×5, 4/1, 20 pages). I had a variety of beautiful illustrations to use to create these pieces.

The event was a success! There was a turnout of over 1000 art directors and art buyers.


Graphic Artists Guild

Jazz Trio: CD Design for a Jazz Trio

Branding + Identity Graphic Design, Graphic Design & Innovation, Poster Design
John Ryerson Trio – CD Package Design

CD Package design and advertising posters for an upcoming jazz musician. The overall look and design was simple and clean using a combination of stunning black and white photography and bold typography.