Paco, Aiko & Zard. Possibly the best green iguanas ever to live.

I’ve had green iguanas in the past and while they have all since crossed the rainbow bridge I still hold their memories dear to my heart. 

I created these digital illustrations when they were all much younger. Here below,  Paco has his head on top of Aiko’s.  She really didn’t like him that much but she posed long enough for the photo to be taken.


This digital illustration below is probably one of my first photoshop projects (Photoshop version 4, pre-CC and pre-Creative Suite) where I created a Holiday Christmas card. Paco was very young here and he’s the one with his tongue sticking out. Zard is in the back and just being a good girl. They are taking over Radio City Music Hall and seeing the world famous Rockettes.


To see more digital illustrations of Paco, Aiko and Zard, please visit my Flickr account here: IGUANAS

To see a PDF presentation of the Naughty Male Iguana click here:  NAUGHTY!


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