K•DuJour Events // Logo & Identity Creative Design

Branding + Identity Graphic Design, Graphic Design & Innovation

Creating brand and identity for an event planning business.

This client requested that celadon green and chocolate brown be her color scheme for her newly established event planning company.  The logo design reflected the artisan nature of the owner and the service.

The usage guidelines was developed for consistent use of the logo on multiple surfaces.

C-Links World, LLC // Brand Development + Identity Design

Branding + Identity Graphic Design, Graphic Design & Innovation
C-Links World, LLC
Design of the C-Links logo and business card. C-Links is a Japanese tourism and limousine agency based out of New Jersey.  4/4 printing with matte finish, rounded corners and trimmed to 2 x 3.5.


Business Cards: How long is the design process until the final product?

Branding + Identity Graphic Design, Graphic Design & Innovation

These a business cards shown in the photo above are the approved design for this business card. But how long was the concept, design and execution process and how many revisions did it take to arrive at the final approved product?

The initial draft started with selecting several key fonts as choices for the display of her name as well as selecting the font that would display the information. A color palette had to be developed and a design brief with several concepts was presented. Designs in both, vertical and horizontal orientation were drafted. Selections of the illustrator’s art was also incorporated onto the information side. The “S” letter was placed on the back of the card.

A working concept was chosen! The horizontal orientation of both type and the “S” letter placement was the clear winner. The next step was to add color to the backside that worked with the illustrated “S”.

Bright Yellow was chosen for the backside. The information side shows different layouts within the type.

The diamond shape was chosen to separate the information. Simple, but still quirky and fun. Exactly like Selina.