3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing Summit + Expo // Conference Graphic Design

Conference, Trade Show + Expo Design, Graphic Design & Innovation
3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing Summit + Expo

I designed this conference brochure cover and pop-up banner using a photograph supplied from the University of Nottingham. More conference collateral can be seen here >  3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing.



Social Media Strategies Summit Summit // Conference Brochure Design

Conference, Trade Show + Expo Design, Graphic Design & Innovation, Social Media Design
Social Media Strategies Summit DALLAS

Brochure cover design for the Social Media Strategies Summit  in Dallas.

Social Media Strategies Summit San Francisco

Brochure cover design for SMSS  in San Francisco.


Quality and Compliance Training // Pharmaceutical Brochure Design

Branding + Identity Graphic Design, Conference, Trade Show + Expo Design, Graphic Design & Innovation
Quality and Compliance Training

I designed a modern take on the double helix structure. The hexagon, or molecule-inspired, patterned background defines this pharmaceutical training event.


Mobile Marketing // Conference Brochure Design

Conference, Trade Show + Expo Design

Cover Design// October 2013

Interior Page// Summit Tracks description + header design + icon usage

Interior Page// Speaker page + Agenda at a glance (Day 3 portion) + Full agenda page showing abstract descriptions

Mobile Marketing // Conference // Brand Re-Design


Above // The Mobile Marketing Strategies Summit identity from 2012-2013.

Above // Proposed re-design conference brochure cover in three color schemes. An updated smart phone showing mobile sale growth was proposed.

Above // A color scheme was chosen and refined edits were made to create the final cover and new identity for this conference.

Above // The final cover has been established for the 2014 conference.

Digital Pharma™ East | ExL Pharma |> Conference Pre-Mailer // Direct mail


Digital Pharma™ East (2012) pre-mailer. The concept was to place all the marketing information in a hand held tablet that was realistically sized. Conference information included sponsor logos, speaker faculty names, key metrics statistics and social media handles. ExL icon globe designed by outside source/designer.
4 panel, 4 color, 7.31 x 9.5, 100 lb cover, self-mailer.

Mobile Marketing Infographic: Why You Should Care About Mobile Marketing


This infographic was created for the Mobile Marketing Strategies Summit (Boston). It incorporates 3 different types of pie chart representation as well as utilizing the simplicity of solid black icons to visualize the quantified data.
Final size: 8.5 x 20.

Structured Finance 2008 – Marketing Brochure for Conference Events

Branding + Identity Graphic Design, Conference, Trade Show + Expo Design, Finance & Business

Marketing brochure advertising the 2008 Structured Finance conference events.

The design request was to create something “lighter” than the earth-toned palette used the previous year. The solution was a monochromatic tone of a soft blue-gray color utilized throughout. A simple digital illustration of a map and an abstract textured background was used for the cover as well as in select sections of the brochure.

Research Magazine: ETFs East Conference – Full Page Advertisement


This is a full page advertisement for the March 2008 issue of Research Magazine. This advertisement, for the US World Series of ETFs conference, is a “cover over the cover”. The ad was adhered to the publications actual cover with a rubber cement strip and meant as a tear-off. Information about the conference can be found on the lower right hand side.

Structured Finance 2005 // Event Brochure

Branding + Identity Graphic Design, Finance & Business, Graphic Design & Innovation

The goal of this Structured Finance event marketing brochure was to connect sponsors with all of IMN’s upcoming 2005 conference events. While this was a copy-intensive piece the design successfully presented the 2005 conference year with clean lines, sophistication and a lot of rich, teal-blue tones.